Erick Holmquist
Art Director
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Twinkies are good for the soul. Sure, it might not be every day, but now and then you have to embrace what you love. Indulge in what gives you satisfaction and—most importantly—what tastes amazing. Twinkies. Your go-to guilty good.

2018 Center Ring Student Show | Advertising Integrated Campaign | Silver

2018 Center Ring Student Show | Print | Merit


It's a train of Twinkies! Every car in the train has a Twinkie on the side, and the mouth of the train tunnel is ready to eat every last one.

outdoor 1.png
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A kiosk on the platform allows bystanders to take an open-mouthed picture, which is then projected onto the tunnel mouth. Ohm nom nom!



Print ads to be placed as two-paged spreads in prominent fitness magazines. Perfect reading material for the exercise bike or treadmill.

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womens fitness for fuck kale print ad.jpg
muscle fitness - for cheat print ad.jpg
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mens fitness for dont quit now print ad.jpg


Animated banner to be placed on fitness-related websites.



The mobile billboard either parks or circles the parking lot in front of farmers' markets, organic grocers, and similar health-oriented retailers. Take that, kale smoothies!

gym billboard original v.jpg

Billboards to be placed in locations near gyms and CrossFit boxes. As a final temptation, the base of the billboard features a vending machine stuffed with Twinkies.

vending machine mock.png


As a natural extension of our print campaign, social posts showcase the product and anti-inspirational sayings. In the Instagram post here, users swipe right to see the complete mouth-watering message.


Instagram Stories

Stories will feature different fitness people who are struggling to openly embrace the guilty good of Twinkies.




Co-Art Directors: Nhien Nguyen, Dina Zolan

Copywriter: Randall Wunder-Smith